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Welcome To Eden School

Eden Christian School consists of a combined pre-school, primary school and high school, which strives to provide excellence in academic, cultural and community activities. English is used as the medium of instruction.

All students are afforded the opportunity, within a happy, secure and disciplined environment where the dignity of the individual is upheld, to develop their full potential in mind, body and spirit.

We are a Value Driven School and therefore aim to make values like caring, responsibility, respect, stewardship, trustworthiness etc a lifestyle for each learner.  Our values determine our thoughts, our thoughts determine our actions and our actions determine our destiny.   Every child is born with a God-given purpose.  We feel it our privilege to aid every learner in reaching their destiny. 


In order to fulfill this mission Eden Christian School strives:

  • To educate students within a climate of Christian values with awareness of and respect for other creeds.
  • To provide a dynamic curriculum, with the emphasis on scholastic excellence, which includes the teaching of life skills, skills in leadership, problem solving and entrepreneurship and furthers the development of self-confidence and self discipline to enable students to realize their full potential.
  • To attract and retain and train, staff of the highest caliber by providing an attractive and stimulating working environment, which nurtures the professional growth of the individual.
  • To promote open communication and close interaction with parents.
  • To secure the financial well-being of the school in order to uphold standards of excellence.
  • To be actively involved with, and to accept responsibility towards the positive transformation and personal growth of the community.              



We are using THE MONTESSORI "METHOD" of bringing up and educating children. It is being fully practiced and implimented in our pre-school.

The Montessori classroom uses concrete materials that are self-correcting and allow the children to learn at their own pace. These materials help the child to see, touch, feel, and freely explore their environments without the teacher's intervention. The Montessori teacher provides individual instruction within set guidelines. The children learn self respect, respect for others, and respect for their environment. Montessori methods and materials promote an inner discipline and self-motivation.

Eden School is registered with the department of education (EMIS nr.910133089) as well as Umalusi provincial accreditation (SCH001625PA)